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We are an all volunteer not for profit group.
If you would like to help us by donating yarn, Ziploc bags/baggies
and/or send us prayer cloths, please mail them to:


Sending Troops Prayers
204 Burney Lane 
Kerrville, TX 78028
Please include a note with your name & e-mail address :)

This ministry is run solely by donations.
If you would like to help with a monetary donation for shipping costs or supplies,
please use the PayPal button below
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  All donations are greatly appreciated.
Thank you!
Information On Pocket Prayer Cloths for Troops


Any prayer cloths I feel are inappropriate colors to send to our troops will be sent as public prayer cloths.

Prayer Cloths:
1) Pray before, during and after making the prayer cloth.
2) After you are done, please label your prayer cloth.
     Each label should have the following information;
     A prayer, verse or poem. After this it should say
           This prayer cloth was made with prayers and blessings by:
               (your first name) in (your state).
     Then, Sending Troops Prayers address and email.
3) Place the pocket prayer cloth in a Ziploc or baggie with your label.
4) Please send the least expensive way; you do not need to send priority mail :)


Colors for pocket prayer cloths:

Muted colors are best for troops.
This is tan camo, medium or dark blues, medium to dark greens, tans, camo colored yarn, grays, and red, white & blue combo.
Our troop's uniforms are a great example of what colors to use.

Please do not use:
Black, neons, pinks, bright red, pastels, orange, light/bright greens or white for troops. Do not use any color that will stand out or attract attention.

If you have doubts about the color; then best not to send it.



If you are able, please put your pocket prayer cloth into a baggie with your label. The baggies help by keeping everything together and keeping the prayer cloth clean.


Labels are a MUST with pocket prayer cloths!

Here are some labels in PDF
R/W/B ink labels
Black ink labels It can be something as simple as:
This prayer cloth was made with many prayers and blessings by: (Your name) with Sending Troops Prayers address and email below.
You can be creative if you like, cards are most enjoyed by the troops!
If you would like pre-made labels, in word.doc, (just need to add your name and state), please email Melissa.
Master label sheets can be mailed to you also.
You may use charms if you like.
ANY type of yarn maybe used, soft is nice.

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If you would like to duplicate, distribute, or display any part of this material you must contact us first. None of this information is to be used for profit.
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