Sewn Prayer Cloth Patterns

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How to Make a Sewn Prayer Cloth

Materials Needed:

1.Four pieces of different quilting pattern material or even scrap material.
2. Scissors
3.Enough batting to sew onto the square after completing the stitching.
4. A needle and thread or a sewing machine. Use a neutral color one that blends with your choice of colors in your material.
5. A cross or dove or religious charm or pin found in Dollar stores or even a craft store.


1. Cut out four 4 inch by 4 inch squares.
2. Sew them together two at a time.
3. What I mean is two squares on top of the other 2 squares. You are forming a square
4. Now cut your bating to the size of the square and stitch it to the wrong side or the backside of your square.
5. Now you will turn right sides together and sew on the machine or by hand. Sew up all three sides but when you get to the 4th side leave about a 5 to 6 inch opening so that you can turn the square from inside out to the correct side.
6. Firmly straighten out the square by pushing it into place or even inserting a closed pen inside to assure good corners.
7. Now stitch up the opening on the prayer patch work cloth.
8. The last step here is to just make a few free stitches one inch from each of the corners and one small stitch in the middle. This will keep the batting from moving freely.
9. Now you are ready to sew on your charm or even a religious bead will work. You can place it on the top of the Prayer Cloth or anywhere you would like.
10. The most important step is to pray over it wile making it or pray over it while completing it. Some of us may even anoint it with oil or Holy Water.
11. Make your own Prayer Card. A suggestion is: I said a Prayer for you today and made this especially for you. Remember that God loves you and that I am praying for you.

Other Suggestions: I have also gone to the Religious Book Stores and found the little pins that have like a push clip on the back of them. Some are even on the Book Marks. They easily will push into the prayer cloth and then you just push the clip to hold them on. God Bless all of you and I hope this will help some of you. I am thinking of trying to have a craft session for the ladies at our church and teaching them how to make them.

Posted with permission Copyright.Kathleen Wild. 2009