Prayer cloths can be used by setting it on a table,
placing a candle and/or petitions on the cloth
as well as pictures of our loved ones
and those in need of spiritual or physical healing.
(Some cultures believe that your prayers are heard non-stop this way)
A cloth can be placed on a person who is ill
and then prayers said over them, or it can be held while praying.
Prayer Cloths can be folded and put in a pocket to carry it wherever you may go.
Prayer cloths can be used for comfort, the dying, the ill,
the aged, the lonely and fearful,
children, family difficulties, burials, calamities, special occasions,
spiritual difficulties and devotional praying.
Pocket prayer cloths are made this special small size for the troops
or individuals so they can be put in pockets or helmets.
Some even carry the pocket prayer cloth into surgery!
Prayer cloths can be used for women, children and men of all ages.


The Prayer Cloth Ministry began in March 2005 by a woman who came up with the idea
when her mother was hospitalized and was given a small piece of cloth anointed with oil.
She was amazed at the comfort that small cloth brought to her mother,
and so she started the prayer cloth ministry. Originally the cloths
were to be just a simple cloth. That idea has since been expanded to include
a variety of cloths made from yarn or cloth.

In January of 2006, a new leader took over the prayer cloth ministry
and expanded its focus not only to the public,
but also to the American military forces worldwide.
Hence, the ministry's name was changed to
Prayer Cloth Ministry/Sending Troops Prayers.

More than 25,000 prayer cloths have been sent to the military and
over 3,00 cloths have been sent to those in need among the general public.
There are members from all around America who have volunteered
in the making of prayer cloths,
as well as a few international members. They represent all different levels of
experience in crocheting, knitting, looming and sewing and different Christian religions.


Prayer Cloths can be knitted, crocheted, quilted, loomed, sewn
or by any other needle crafting method.
There has to be some stitching in the prayer cloth to make the prayers "in" the cloth.
You pray before, during and after making the prayer cloth.
You can use ANY yarn, ANY prayers, and ANY pattern to make a prayer cloth.
The most important thing is to PRAY!
There are some patterns and suggestions below to help you get started.


Prayer cloths are small, easy to travel
and for those who cannot make big projects,
prayer cloths are wonderful as a smaller project with a lot of meaning and prayers.


Prayer cloths originate from the bible,
the most known prayer cloth is the Shroud of Turin.
You should never pay for a prayer cloth! Or sell a prayer cloth!
Many references are made from the bible, the most popular is Acts 19: 11-12.
"God did extraordinary miracles through Paul,
so that even handkerchiefs and aprons that had touched him were taken to the sick,
and their illnesses were cured and the evil spirits left them."

Biblical references: Luke 8:40-48
Prayer Cloths are for comfort and prayer.


Some Prayer cloths are promised as a way of a "cure all", this is not true!
Prayer cloths over the years have gotten a bad name.
It is not the cloth that is responsible for the healing.
Prayer cloths themselves are powerless.

It is the faith of the Believer who receives the cloth that brings healing and comfort.
That faith is in the power of prayer and ultimately in
the healing power of God, symbolized by the cloth.

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